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Not that i really had an old one, but it was time to make myself one. Especially considering that fiber was finally installed into our house. Free access to the internet highway means ye olde server actually doing something. So why not a blog, about code and life, at 03:30 AM in the morning. What could possibly go wrong? I most likely misconfigured something along the way.

Anyway. The point of this blog is to keep my code, stories, scripts, failed bread-recipes, some kind of curriculum and misconfigured servers in the same place.

Short introduction.

I’m a father, husband, baker, cyclist, snowboarder, geek and last but not neccessarily least a software engineer/developer/architect. I consider titles to be irrelevant, whoever writes the code really gets the job done. I’m going to keep short on most parts private, shielding my family somewhat from the fierce domain of the intertubes. But professionally i can keep talking.

My profession is first and foremost about writing code. I like functional programming, Linux, the JVM, continuous integration, hosting my own servers and stuff that categorizes as hometech.

In that area there’s more than a few Raspberry Pi’s, one in particular powering a (not yet put inside a box) MagicMirror, which i’m very fond of at the moment.


I’m going to make a habit of sharing code snippets i’m particularly fond or proud of, so i’ll get started right away.

Here’s a piece of bash that shows the current git branch (if any), you are on directly on your REPL, give it a spin!


Show branch name in terminal


Here’s my GitHub btw, seems like GitHub stopped answering when the site bombarded them with requests while configuring.